Party bike tour, pedicabs now happening in Abilene

A new business offering party bike tours, pedicabs, and more has taken over a building recently vacated by a legacy brewery in Abilene. Bike ABI received an initial green light from the Planning and Zoning Commission last week to get a property on the 400 block of S Treadaway Boulevard rezoned, so they can sell […]

Dark Horse Dance Hall, the newest Bar in town

 Abilene Couple Reid Burton and Madison Holeman have opened a new bar and dance hall at 141 Oak Street, located in the place formerly known as ‘Stairs’ or ‘The Upstairs Club.’ The pair hope to provide not only a place for dancing but also a place for the less coordinated to get their feet stepping […]

Abilene’s Farmers Market: The Secret Ingredient for Your Thanksgiving Feast

As Thanksgiving approaches, it’s the perfect time to think about how we can make our holiday meals special, flavorful, and meaningful. One fantastic way to achieve this is by turning to our very own Farmers Market. This year, make your Thanksgiving table a showcase of local abundance and community spirit. Celebrating 45 Years of Local […]

The Big Map of Texas Indie Bookstores

SevenandOneBooks sign

The book news out of Texas isn’t all about bans, lawsuits, and school board battles. We noticed something, out in the field: our state today has more independently owned bookstores than we’ve ever seen before. Texans crave bookshops in our communities, and whether as entrepreneurs or customers, we’ll take action to keep them there. Over […]

On the Double: Downtown Abilene hotel opens with Texas-style branding

For months, Abilenians and those regularly visiting the city have watched a hotel go up downtown, often fascinated by the effort it takes. The Abilene skyline doesn’t change often. Recently, signage was placed, trees and vegetation planted, and other final exterior touches checked off the list at the site of the seven-story DoubleTree by Hilton. […]

Rain showers good news for the Abilene Farmers Market

ABILENE, Texas — Last year everyone was feeling the heat including vendors at the Abilene Farmers Market. The heavy rainfall this year has been great news for the farmers market. “Last year most producers were not able to grow vegetables because it was absolutely too dry and even though they had water it was so hot […]

A room with a view: Kings Collective barbers set up shop upstairs

Wade Schumpert was telling quite a story Saturday at the “soft opening” of The Kings Collective Barber and Apothecary. There was no clipping of hair going on, but a lot of talking, munching and looking out the windows at the east-facing shop on the second floor of the downtown Minter Building building – home for […]

Downtown Abilene residents, visitors get excited for newest addition: Bodegish

ABILENE, Texas (KTAB/KRBC) – A new convenience store will soon be available in Downtown Abilene on Cypress Street, and some residents say they have been fighting for a store like this for years.  Kim Bosher lives and works downtown and said the soon-to-be “Bodegish” checks her boxes. Even though all of her belongings are within walking […]