A new business offering party bike tours, pedicabs, and more has taken over a building recently vacated by a legacy brewery in Abilene.

Bike ABI received an initial green light from the Planning and Zoning Commission last week to get a property on the 400 block of S Treadaway Boulevard rezoned, so they can sell alcohol at their headquarters.

This is the old Pappy Slokum location, which closed at the beginning of the year due to what they called an “unsustainable market” in the brewing industry.

If Bike ABI receives final rezoning approval from City Council, they will be able to sell alcohol for on site and off site consumption, meaning that people who partake in their party bike experience will be able to purchase alcohol before the ride, instead of just bringing their own.

Bike ABI allows parties of 6-15 to rent out party bikes for a tour of Abilene that is an hour to two hours long. Participants will all help pedal with the option for those 21 and older to sip on some drinks while taking in the sights of the Key City.

For more information on Bike ABI’s party bikes and other services, visit their website.

SOURCE: bigcountryhomepage.com

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