ML Farms – Becky Lovvorn

Becky resides in Jones County and is a fifth-generation operation. She specializes in farm-raised beef, pork, and chicken (antibiotic, hormone, and steroid-free meat) and she makes baked goods that are keto and gluten-free. And you need to try her jelly, jams, infused olive oils, pickles, chow-chow, and more. Her number one seller is her dill pickle slices! And if you need a gift for that special someone, Becky also creates soy-made candles.

Jones/Haskell Farmer’s Market – Tommy Bearden 

Tommy resides in Jones County and is a retired educator. He discovered a hobby in retirement of gardening and his operation has flourished. Everything is raised in his backyard and Tommy specializes in seedling plants of every variety you can think of and sells produce. Stop by for free gardening advice and hear one of his Texas history stories!

Izzi’s Garden – Stacey Villaneuva

Stacey is from Eastland and is a first-generation, woman-owned business. Izzi’s Garden specializes in micro-greens, fermented goods, seasonal canned goods, goat milk, soap, and body care. Izzi’s Garden expanded in 2023 with Stacey’s daughter, Holly, who is a professionally trained culinary artist and sells her amazing creations along with her mom. Izzi specializes in granola and fermented goods.

Mack Boyd

Mack is from Wingate and has been involved in the Market since 1983. He specializes in fresh vegetables and honey. If anyone has been to the farmer’s market, you most likely know who Mack is because he has been staple in the organization’s inception!

Don Gandy

Don is located in Hawley and specializes in fresh vegetables. He also sells some baked goods, hot sauce, and pickles. He likes to be involved in the Farmer’s Market because he enjoys interacting with the customers and raising food!

Chrane Ranch Beef – Daphna and Terry Chrane

A family-owned ranch for over 100 years in the small community of Dudley – right next to Abilene. They specialize in Angus-raised beef 100 percent hormone-, steroid, and antibiotic-free meat. Aside from their delicious beef, they sell produce when mother nature cooperates, fresh-cut flowers, baked goods, and even lamb. They also carry triple-bar ranch lotions and candles that are locally made by Daphna’s niece, Sarah.

Garrett Chrane

Garrett is branched out into his own merchant journey and provides produce and canned goods. He’s in Potosi.

David and Rose Bordovsky

David and Rose strictly sell produce and are from Merkel, Texas. They’ve been involved in the market for over 22 years. He’s known for his gorgeous tomatoes and is the first vendor every year to have fresh tomatoes.

Glen Herring

Glen owns Herring Insurance in Munday and specialists in freeze-dried fruit and candy, canned goods, sauces, and pickles. If you’re looking for locally raised fish, Glenn specializes in farm-raised tilapia and hydroponic lettuces and greens.

Pat Caraway – Caraway Farm Fresh Kitchen

Pat is from Eastland, Texas, and they specialize in produce, sauerkraut, pickles, canned goods, jellies, etc. They also have composted sheep fertilizer for your gardens and if you’re looking to get into raising sheep, Pat and her group can sell you one.

Sherry Gayle – Sherry’s Quack Farm

Known as the “egg lady” Sherry specializes and chicken and duck eggs, and seasonally goose eggs. She offers produce seasonally and canned goods. All of her items are grown in Aspermont, Texas.

Sue Davis – Cookies and Puffs

Sue bakes cookies, puffs, rye bread, and seasonings. Sue is best known for her mesquite bean coffee, and she is located in Anson.

Randy Billings – Abilene Pecan

Randy is in Abilene and is known for his pecans and his brown sugar bourbon vanilla. He sells honey, honey straws, and candied pecans.

Urban and Melissa Rogers – Bears Bake Shop

Meet Urban and Melissa Rogers have been baking for over 35 years providing specialty cinnamon rolls, fruit kolaches, cakes and breads. Did you know Kolaches have 2/3 less sugar than donuts? They use all-natural ingredients, and everything is baked fresh and rolled by hand.

Melissa Peralez – Petra’s Petals

Melissa provides the market with fresh-cut flowers when Mother Nature allows. Located in Abilene, Melissa is a master gardener and started her journey as a hobby that turned into a full flower farm in her backyard.

True Local Food – Landry Meeks

Chemic-free vegetables specializing in produce such as tomatoes, cucumbers, carrots, broccoli, and cauliflower.

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