ABILENE, Texas — Last year everyone was feeling the heat including vendors at the Abilene Farmers Market. The heavy rainfall this year has been great news for the farmers market.

“Last year most producers were not able to grow vegetables because it was absolutely too dry and even though they had water it was so hot that it still wouldn’t do any good,” Glenn Herring said. “This year we fortunately got this good rain at the end of May and the first of June here. It’s been a lot cooler, so the produce is going to be a lot better here and it’s going to be a lot more of it.”

Vendors at the famers market welcome this year’s rain shower with open arms. Rancher Daphna Chrane says the heat last year caused her to run out of natural grass to feed her cattle.

“As a rancher it helps us because we depend a lot on water in our tanks and in the creeks,” Chrane said. “We had gotten really low last year. We were having to water our animals off of city water and that gets expensive.”

All of the produce at the famers market is locally grown and vendors travel from a 120-mile radius each week.

“All of the canned goods you see here are made by the person selling them,” Becky Lovvorn said. “The baked goods are the same way. We all love to tell you about our products so don’t be afraid to ask.”

The Abilene Farmers Market is open every Saturday from 8 a.m. to 12 p.m.

Story from our friends at KTXS-TV

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