As we near the end of the first week of August, it’s beginning to feel like summer is coming to an end. But there is still an abundance of the things to do here in downtown Abilene! Don’t let the summer heat stop you. It’s time to seize these summer days before they start slipping away!  Here is your end of summer bucket list to help alleviate those end of summer blues.

See a show at the Paramount Theatre

The Paramount Theatre in Downtown Abilene is one of the classic and historical sites of Abilene. With movies playing weekly there is something for everyone! There are even occasional concerts at the Paramount to add some extra fun to your summer.

Follow the Storybook Art Adventure Trail

The Storybook Art Adventure Trail is just one of the many ways to explore the Storybook Capital of America. All around downtown Abilene you can find storybook sculptures, benches, and signs that depict the magical arts in Abilene.

Go Shopping!

Downtown Abilene is home to many wonderful specialty stores local boutiques. You can find anything and everything you could possibly imagine from apparel, jewelry, and accessories designed by local artists, to brands that you can’t find just anywhere.

Grab a nice meal at one of the many local hot spots

There is a good place to eat around every corner in Downtown Abilene! Whether you are craving steak, seafood, or street tacos Abilene has got even the pickiest eater in the bunch covered!  Dinner is extra special when you take a stroll around downtown soaking in the sunsets and starry nights.  And, you are sure to hear some music around every corner.

It’s a good time to visit Downtown Abilene.  The energy in the air is contagious and whether your school days are ahead of you or they are in the past, you are sure to feel the excitement and anticipation of another new school year. Search the Downtown website to decide where to shop, dine, be entertained or find various summer activities. See you around downtown!

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