Paramount Theatre


Designed and built in 1930 by architect David Castle, the landmark Paramount Theatre in Abilene, Texas has a rich and significant history. A beautiful example of the nostalgic “atmospheric” movie theatre, it was built in an era when movie-going was meant to be a grand experience that transported you to another time and place. The theatre’s main auditorium space was designed to re-create a Spanish / Moorish courtyard at night, complete with projected clouds passing over a neon-lit night sky fitted with twinkling stars.

The Paramount, restored in 1987 and renovated to accommodate live theatre, is now the home to a myriad of events, including film, ballet, opera, and concerts. For over 89 years it has stood the test of time as an entertainment showcase of West Texas.

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352 Cypress St. Abilene, Texas 79601
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