Beehive Restaurant


The Esfandiary brothers, better known in the Big Country as “The Beehive” brothers, have had quite a journey from immigrants to restaurateurs. Their story truly emulates the American dream.

Known for their succulent, charred cuts of prime beef, juicy racks of lamb, and quenching Long Island iced teas, The Beehive Saloon and Restaurant has earned a top spot among the elite steakhouses in the Lone Star State. Texas Monthly declared it the “best country steakhouse in Texas,” Texas Highways magazine has given it several nods and asked just about anyone on the street in the Albany area for a good place to chow down and they will point in the Beehive’s direction. Thirty-two years ago, Iranian brothers Ali and Nariman Esfandiary took a chance and set up shop at the Fort Griffin Merchandise Store and Restaurant and Beehive Saloon; known only as “The Beehive.” The brothers are known for their friendly, enthusiastic style and are often seen running food to tables, jotting down orders, or simply entertaining guests with tales. But perhaps the most enthralling story they have to tell is their own.

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442 Cedar St, Abilene, TX 79601
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